How to Get a Default WiFi Router Password

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Where you can get WiFi Router Default User Name and Password ?

router wifi username and paqssword

Note:  This is not any hacking idea, this is talk about your own Wireless Router User  name  and Password.


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Some times, peoples have their cable Wireless Router/ Modem  these stuff like network equipments they bought from internet and even though don’t know about those like things, one of this part for Every Router and Modem had username and password to open those settings.


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Tip : Every Gadget Companies Suggest Before Using it Please Read The Manual.

Instructions For Open Modem Setting Without Manual :: How to Get a Default WiFi Router Password ?


  1. Go over to your Wifi-Router Modem and look underneath it.
  2. Then Locate the Username and Password which is printed on the bottom of the Routers. There is IP, Something Like ( Different Router companies had Various IP to open router settings,wireless router password 2015
  3. Below the IP you can see Username and Password. Many of router had Default usernam and paswors is “Admin” or  “Administrator”.
  4. To open the router settings you need to connect router to computer / PC Laptop through Ethernet cable From WAN PORT ,
  5. Then in PC open your Internet Browser, [I Will suggest Open Internet Explorer in Windows and Mac user Default Browser], type given IP AND DEFAULT Username and Password.
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